House Tour in Tunisia’s Idyllic Sidi Bou Said

I am an ethusiastic house stalker. One of the properties I love here in Tunis is the home of my very good Sicilian friend Carlotta. She lives in the idyllic Sidi Bou Said neighborhood of Tunis, a romantic piling of residences atop of a cliff covered in cobblestone street overlooking the Mediterranean. Her house is quirky (there is a bathroom in the kitchen for washing up after swims and the living room is upstairs outside the master bedroom) but who likes to live by the rules, right?

She says of her space:

“My mom and I designed the dining room table and chairs, but the realization did not quite match our initial plan. The table was meant to be one plank supported by two legs with an insert in the middle to stabilize the structure. The result was four legs and a lower shelf in the middle which can now be used as a footie or to hide things, depending on the situation. The coffee table is my favorite piece in the house. The frame is old wrought iron, the middle piece is part of an old wooden door that was polished and covered in metal on one extremity only. It was made by a carpenter in Hammamet. I bought the painting from a French artist, Krystian, who has been living in the middle of the Tunisian island of Djerba for the past 20 years. His house is a cross between Ali Baba’s cave, a museum of modern art and an Almodovar movie set. The mask comes from one of the Ghana markets and depicts twins.”

Enjoy your visit!

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