Blueprint Africa provides set design, interior styling and art direction as well as furniture, art and decor sourcing services to corporate and private clientele. We translate the ways in which rural-urban, poor and rich, trendy and traditional collide into the chaotic kaleidoscope that is everyday living in Africa. Our aim is simple – create spaces and images that show our client’s appreciation for a globalized world and that speak to the modern African story.

Our Philosophy

The aim is simple – create spaces and images that speak to traditional and modern African living and everything that may have crept up in between. It is important to Blueprint Africa that the story of this continent not be limited. Blueprint Africa’s objective is to use visual branding and built environments as a window to the various sides of the African story.  The world should appreciate the ways in which rural-urban, poor and rich, trendy and traditional collide into the chaotic kaleidoscope that is everyday living in Africa. With every client, the goal is to make sure the space or the products used in the styling reflect a modern Africa that is at peace with its traditions, roots and people. Blueprint Africa tries to capture the essence of the African people and how they live. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

My Offerings:

– Product presentation and placement
– Public relations and brand promotion
– Advertising campaigns and editorials
– Set design for TV and film production
– Residential and corporate interior decoration
– Curation and sourcing

Our Founder’s Story. In Her Own Words…

Hi, I am Nana. I started Blueprint Africa as a passion project, a platform dedicated to developing a community around trend-setting African-inspired décor.  That was four years ago.  Now, I am a seasoned art director with an eye for symmetry, printed patterns and contrasting color.  To date, I have worked on a number of marketing campaigns for companies targeting the African continent but God knows I did not start off on the creative path.

I began my career in management consulting with IBM and thereafter Deloitte. Those years gave me an edge that many other interior stylists do not have.  Those years made me a creative problem solver, a strong budget planner and an enthusiastic project manager, very adept at seeing client projects through to fruition.  My time in the consulting field actually makes me a natural fit for any high profile, tight turnaround project.

I also spent over four years in the finance sector working for a multilateral development bank. In fact, I launched Blueprint Africa to leverage my knowledge of and friendships with artisans and the various makers on the continent resulting from my travels to over 20 African countries including Senegal, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa and Ethiopia.  My love of  both African handicraft and modern furniture design will make me your go-to collaborator on your next interiors project. Consider me your guide to African living!

Email me at

nana spio-garbrah, blueprint africa, interior stylist, decorator, public relations, homewares
Blueprint Africa Founder, Nana Spio-Garbrah

Bylines & Copy

Our Testimonials

“The Baba Tree Basket is currently in my closet holding my scarves. Aesthetically it’s a beautiful piece with wavy undulating edges and earth colors. It also allows me easy access to my scarves which would otherwise be out of sight and out of mind. Knowing that my purchase supports a handicraft as well as a tradition is even more reason to love my purchase.”

Valérie Dabady – Baba Tree Basket

“I got introduced to the universe of Blueprint Africa through a hidden pop-up exhibition held at a decadent private address in Abidjan’s prestigious neighborhood of Cocody. Entering the exhibition space, I was drawn to the distinctive aesthetic that immediately spoke to me. Given that we were just opening our first members club in Côte d’Ivoire’s capital, I saw Nana as the best fit and partner to curate our rotating exhibition concept, providing our members and visitors access to an incredible African talent. One successful exhibition is behind us where we featured one Ivorian and one Ghanaian artist and we are looking forward to many more to

Martina C. – Royal Work Club

“This year I had the privilege to be invited by Nana to an exhibition by
the Ivorian painter Justin Oussou at the Royal Work Club in Plateau. The entire collection was very powerful and eye catching, as the main theme of the artist is climate change, and through his painting, he brilliantly expresses how climate change is affecting populations in the dense cities of West Africa, as well as our habitat, our landscapes, our environment. Quite dramatic in reality! Yet very colorful pieces of art. In fact, instead of using dark colors and frightening the viewer about the dramatic effects of climate change, Oussou uses bright and luminous whites, reds, yellows, greens and blues, etc. From a distance one cannot imagine that Oussou is painting about climate change, because the paintings are airy, soft and above all poetic. But when you approach and look at every single detail, then you notice the populations being displaced, the water rising, the people losing their homes etc. This is how Oussou touches you, in a very subtle way. I was particularly touched by two small paintings in blue shade, contrasting with the colors of the landscapes you usually see in Cote d’Ivoire that are mainly ocher, green and grey (the sky during rainy season). The scenery of the paintings could have been taking place by the sea in French Brittany, in fact they represent a scene in [Abobo], which is painted as very poetic with airy blue skies and people living in harmony and tranquility. During the exhibition, the two paintings were exposed one above the other. What a lovely surprise to discover when they were delivered to my home that disposed next to each other they were actually a

Stephanie Simon – Art Lover

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