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The aim was simple – create spaces and images that speak to traditional and modern African living and everything that may have crept up in between. It is important to BpA that the story of Africa not be limited in any way. BpA’s objective is to use visual images and built environments as a window to another side of the African story. We believe we should appreciate the ways in which rural-urban, poor and rich, trendy and traditional collide into the chaotic kaleidoscope that is everyday living in Africa.

Every time we work with a client, the aim is to make sure that the space or the products we use in our styling reflects a modern Africa that is at the same time at peace with its traditions, roots and people. We would like to capture the essence of the African people themselves in the living spaces we create.


Our offerings include:
Interior styling for lifestyle photo shoots,
advertising campaigns and editorials.

Set design for TV and film production.


Elaborate the
efficient business plan
Interior decoration for
corporates and residential clients.

Curation and sourcing of
art, furniture and home décor.

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Africans are a proud people, which in design translates to using pieces that reflect heritage and history. Africans are resourceful and resilient, able to survive under harsh conditions. In design, this means an innate ability to recycle and repurpose. Africans are ostentatious and love to show off and stand out. In design that means pushing boundaries, bucking at design rules and using unconventional colour combos. African design should be a reflection of us, how complicated and diverse we are as people. Thus, BpA’s goal is translate this mantra into spaces and images that speak to our generation of Africa.

BpA is working to bring you a new shopping experience focused on African interiors. We are currently working with a wide network of artisans and brands around the globe, conducting quality control to curate pieces that are innovative and otherwise hard to find. Keep up with the launch by signing up for our newsletter!

If you are a manufacturer of homewares, based in or inspired by Africa, interested in speaking to BpA about our marketing and promotion services or the e-shop, please email us here.


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