This is Africa Book [pdf]


Paintings, furniture, sculpture, stories to tell, diverse spheres of influence. African contemporary art and design is a vast laboratory of ideation. When we bring together the continent’s artists and designers what can we glean about African art in today’s age?Through riveting life stories and various artistic works, so different one from the other, today’s African designers want to surprise, share, entertain, emote and even irritate. They speak to our sensibilities and our intelligence, to make us think and react, to shake up what we deem to be assured. They allow us to see the world in another way, from the African perspective and awake in us new sensations we hitherto never had the opportunity to test. The uniqueness of the works exhibited in this book open up to an enchanted immersive reading experience.This is Africa is the compilation coffee table book of the exhibitors from the 2018 African Culture and Design Festival held in Lagos, Nigeria. Following a limited print run during the event, it is now available as an e-book to help support the continued work of publishers and exhibition organizers, the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN). It proposes a unique panorama of works from Africa spanning the 20th and 21st centuries asking us to learn to see, decode and marvel at the magic of traditional and contemporary African art and design.



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